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Indian Photo Framing (IPF) is always closely associated with framing traditional paintings, we follow the prescribed method of framing for such artworks.

Tanjore paintings being one of the famous traditional art forms. Chettinad frames are the best option for framing such paintings. They specifically add value to the paintings. Also, Chettinad Frames safeguards the paintings from all kinds of weather changes. . We deal with Chettinad Frames for Tanjore paintings. The two famous models for Chettinad Frame are the V-Frame & the Mani Frame. The raw material used is Teak wood.

IPF also offers professional services to the frames where we neatly polish them and also restore old frames into new ones.



Wooden Frames are always found to be a luxury but that is totally not the case with IPF. We have professionals who have years of experience in crafting a perfect frame for paintings & Prints. We use modern techniques for wood framing in joining & pinning them where the joints will not be visible in the frame.


Wooden frames give a wonderful aesthetics to your walls and also, they don’t get affected by the weather conditions and they are easily reusable if maintained properly. If you want to enjoy thorough craftsmanship at pocket-friendly prices then enter the world of IPF.

For people who believe in the eco-friendly environment then Wooden frames are a go-to method of framing for all your paintings & prints.

IPF promises the fine quality & craftsmanship you have never seen before.


Floating Frames

To all the artists, art collectors we at IPF offer a range of customized floating frames that makes your Canvas paintings & Canvas prints float from the frame.


Floating frames (or floater frames) are an attractive way to showcase stretched canvas pieces that mimics the look of the finest art in gallery displays. Despite their rather expensive-looking appearance, floating frames are an affordable and easy to assemble way to display your canvas paintings and photo prints. They’re unique in that they give the impression that the canvas is “floating” above the frame without actually touching it.


It gives the finished piece an intriguing three-dimensional element that catches attention and draws the eye inward to the painting or photo.

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Teak Wood Frames

Looking for a 100% natural Teak wood frame that lasts a lifetime? Here is the answer to it. IPF customizes the natural teak wood frames for all prints and paintings at a very affordable price. Be it a devotional picture, Painting or your family photo using teak wood is luxurious and prestige. Early days maximum households had teak wood frames over time those were replaced with synthetic frames due to high manufacturing costs. But, we are relaunching the Teak wood frames in order to ready frames with our professionals who are more experienced in wood. Any design, any color Teak wood frames can be customized. And not to boast but, we have made around 150 frames in the last 1 year all orders to sizes. 

The best part about Teak Wood Frames is that they add a fine 

Customised @  Affordable Cost

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