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Artist's Corner

Looking for an Artist friendly place to get your Canvas Stretchers done at the most reasonable pricing? You are in the right place.

We value art. 

Our Services

Custom Frames

Want to enhance your art works in the most budget price? 

Canvas Stretcher

Want a professional wooden Canvas Stretcher? Here we are.  

Gallery Supplies

Get your gallery supplies for your upcoming art show. 

Handmade - Canvas Stretchers

Big Shoutout to all the Artists out there looking for a professional wood mounted canvas. Here we are!! Text us the dimensions. We will get in touch. We also arrange for delivery at your doorstep.


What is a Professional Handmade Canvas?

Natural wooden bars are treated and Chiseled with a slope by our carpenters in the most traditional way.

  1. The main advantage of a wooden stretcher is that we can replace it with a new Canvas Material. 

  2. The brush stroke in a custom Wooden Stretcher is comparatively more fluent than in a factory-made one.  

  3. When a Slope Chisled wood is supported by a hand-stretched canvas the Stiffness of the fabric increases and helps the Brush to bounce back with beautiful strokes.

IMG_3805 copy.jpg


Having the experience of working with a number of artists all his career, our founder knows the nerves of the artists in the way they want their Canvas stretchers to be. IPF is so specific even about the tiny detail of folding the corner of the canvas material to the stretcher bars. We are associated with artists from the Cholamandal Artist Village, Self-made artists from Chennai, Thiruvannamalai, and Kerala.

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“Understood the importance of an handmade canvas stretcher wrap after getting it done by IPF. 
Easy to paint and genuine product in various measurements ccustomised. Thank You IPF"

— Gayathri

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“Been a regular purchaser of canvas stretcher for the past 6 years. Reasonable pricing, Handmade  and timeliness.”

— Varalakshmi

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