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I have known sundar for the past 15 years. I have great respect for his committment .integrity and work ethics. He is always enthusiastic about his work irrespective of whether it's difficult or easy. Always has a pleasant smiling face. I work with an organisation with adults with special needs. As part of our vocational training we impart skill training in painting.screen.printing and embroidery. Which is made into products of utility helping us to empower these students to become economically independent This is where sundar has been of great help in making these products for us. He always has been open to new ideas and products and his work is also very good. He has big artists as his clients. But he always has been very supportive of our cause. Many times we have given order with hardly few days time.but he has never refused work from us.even though he may have postponed a few other people work. That's his committment to our organisation. I suppose that's his way of giving back .to the community. We are very grateful to him for that. And wish him more success in his work.

                                 - Usha Sankaran

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Recently approached them for my dad's old painting restoration. They have done an amazing job with the frame finish was perfect.

                                          -  Leo Peter Jerome

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Wanted to get few of my paintings framed, so i searched in google for a good places to get photo's framed and found excellent reviews of Indian Photo Framing online. I gave 3 of my paintings for framing and i absolutely loved the final product. They did an amazing job and i immediately got the confidence that I've given my works in the the right hands. Now I've given 4 more of my paintings to get it framed by them. And will always keep this association in mind for further more framing works in future!

                                          -  adhithi venkat

I wanted to frame few pictures of my family, I spoke with the Indian Photo Framing team and told them my expectations (All done via phone). They were constantly in touch with me updating the progress and sending me the samples how the frame would look. I ordered a total of 4 frames and were done in less than a week with nominal cost. They provided options of the frames that can be done and in fact suggested me the model that costed less, as it would fit my expectation perfectly. Very happy with the final product. Thanks to the team.

                                                          -    Jannath Fathima

I had given 2 family portraits for framing and must say that the quality of work done by these guys are just amazing.. Have known them ever since a child and from my grandfather’s time, they have been our one stop shop for all framing needs. Thank you for making our walls prettier with the perfect frames.

                                                                     - archna rao

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Very professional and quality of work is good. They perfectly understand your needs and also offer suggestions regarding the type of frame, size etc. Huge fan of their work and my home is adorned with pics framed by them.

                                          -  Laya Durga Rajasekaran

High quality technique with high quality materials

                                                                         - Yusuke Kimura


Indian Photo Framing (IPF) is the one-stop destination for all your framing needs, including Contemporary & abstract artworks, Prints & Photographs, certificates & Mementoes, etc. We deal with both Wood & Synthetic frames and also a range of gallery products. With an unwavering focus on quality and craftsmanship, we bring you the best in framing. Every work handed over to Indian Photo Framing (IPF) is handed over to the framing professionals who have more than 20 years of understanding & knowledge in the field so that you can truly experience the service of a friendly framer.

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