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Matt - Texture Frame


White Frame with White Mount


Frames with  colour Shade customisation


Original Teak Wood Frame with White Mount.

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Tradition | Friendship | Passion

Born out of passion, Indian Photo Framing thrives for quality and commitment. In the age of readymade frames, it is a showstopper to celebrate craftmanship. In a world of compromised quality, it is an effort to craft pieces that last a lifetime.

Indian Photo Framing is a one-stop destination for all your framing need whether it is a traditional or modern artwork, a memorable family portrait, a recently achieved certificate, whether the need is Wood or Synthetic frames then you are in the right place.

We curate Synthetic / Wooden framing for those who appreciate quality, class & craftsmanship.

We truly understand that trust cannot be earned it should be built with commitment. We don’t just help you frame; we also help you look at the subject from a different perspective by making the subject speak louder and help you develop a passion for everything beautiful.

We are not the usual photo framers; we are the “Friendly Framer”

Tradition | Friendship | Passion

Mr. N. Sundar was born into a family of the most talented artisan group of carpenters for various generations.

Being a native of Chennai after his studies Sundar spent his early career of 3 years in a Solidaire Television Company. His determination to find an identity for his own, taking the help of his carpentry lineage, stepped into the lamination field that was cropping up with secrecy in its production technique. When the field became usual, slowly with his never-ending learning attitude he dived into the framing field where all his roots and sense of aesthetics helped him find a place among the artists as a friendly framer.

Having 20 years of professional experience, Sundar’s biggest strengths are his industry knowledge, innovation, creativity, and friendly face with a never-give-up attitude.



IPF Promise

We understand that trusting a service isn’t easy. You may be worried about quality & craftsmanship. 

At IPF, we are deeply committed to gaining your trust and ensuring you feel comfortable with us.

So, we promise…

Uncompromised Quality

Our servicing philosophy is quite simple “Quality is not an act its a habit”. From the initial stage of choosing the frame for the subject we keep a check on the quality without any second thought.

Structured Communication

IPF believes in consistent communication with our clients till the work is completely delivered to back to them. Whether the order is made online or showroom presence we keep our clients posted on the way their work is been carried on and we clarify any doubts and discrepancies we face during the process.

Exceptional Service

The one thing that shows us apart is our customer service. There is always a humane element to the IPF experience as we are always available to guide you, bring you more choices of framer, and help you take the right decision.

Fair Pricing

IPF works without compromising the quality of work with prices. We are committed to being fair to our clients and are always willing to have a conversation if you believe there is an issue with our pricing.

Impeccable Curation

The collection of frames both wood and synthetic is handpicked by our founder. Ours is not a usual frame shop. We specifically look upon the quality and suitability of the frames to the subject. We make the subject speak an extra mile with our frames.

Buyer Protection

IPF takes the sole responsibility for taking that extra care from the time the subject is handed to us for framing. We ensure our clients are 100% sure of their choices before making a purchase.


So, we welcome you to experience the world of friendly framers where you will enjoy discovering the art of framing

@ Indian Photo Framing (IPF)

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