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The frame design incorporates so much more than simply a frame around your picture. The size, color, texture, and style all work together to enhance your artwork, while simultaneously complementing your unique personality and style. But the quality of the materials used will work to ensure that you will be enjoying your art for many years to come.  


 With the right matting and frame, the framing package can become a work of art in and of itself. However, care should be taken that the design does not overpower the art by drawing too much attention to itself. Some may mistakenly take this to mean that the frame should always be small, or simple, or that the mat should only be a small border in some neutral tone.  Not true. By taking into consideration the color, size, style, and visual texture of your artwork, the frame design will become part of the art, enhancing the piece as a whole.


          What is Photo Framing? The most underrated question. There’s much more to it than stuffing a photo in a frame and sticking it on a nail in the wall. Framing is Something that supports the pictures or the prints to last for a couple of years simultaneously adding beauty to the walls. The frame lends strength to the frame package, adding structure that allows the art to be protected from the environment. A multitude of styles, colors, textures, and sizes are available in frame choices today, so your art or prints can be framed to match virtually any décor. 

Frame styles can even be combined, stacking one style with another, to create fresh, new looks that would be virtually impossible to find in a mass-produced frame. The sky’s the limit!



            Attractive as well as functional, the mounting is a key element in your frame design. By creating air space between the face of the artwork and the glass, the mat helps eliminate potential issues, particularly for framed pieces in humid climates. For instance, if a photograph is framed in direct contact with the glass, condensation caused by humidity could soften the photo’s emulsion enough that it adheres to the glass, causing irreversible damage to the photo. The space created by the mat will prevent this while also providing structural support for the artwork.

            The mounts can also provide several design qualities that will enhance the art. The addition of mount serves to provide size, color, and depth. Multiple mounts add even more depth, giving the framed piece a three-dimensional look. Wider mats create breathing space between the art and frame, keeping the frame from overpowering the art. While neutral mats are adequate in some instances, mounts come in a tremendous array of colors and textures, all of which will help the art to fit into its surroundings. To further coordinate with your décor, a wide variety of fabrics can be used to wrap the mat, creating something truly unique that you won’t find anywhere else.


Glass, or glazing, is a very important element to the frame package, as it is the barrier that protects the visible parts of your artwork. All glass is not created equal, however, and for maximum protection, care must be taken to choose the correct glazing.

 Acrylic glazing, or Fiber-glass, is available for larger works of art, where using glass could be dangerous or overly heavy, or for items that need to be shipped. 

As a rule of thumb, art on paper should always be under glass. Changes in humidity can cause exposed paper to buckle and warp, and airborne grease and dust can cause staining over time.       Due to a continuous “out-gassing” by oil paints, paintings on canvas are generally not glazed.

Frame styles can even be combined, stacking one style with another, to create fresh, new looks that would be virtually impossible to find in a mass-produced frame. The sky’s the limit!

Indian Photo Framing (IPF) is the one-stop destination for all your framing needs, including Contemporary & abstract artworks, Prints & Photographs, certificates & Mementoes, etc. We deal with both Wood & Synthetic frames and also a range of gallery products. With an unwavering focus on quality and craftsmanship, we bring you the best in framing. Every work handed over to Indian Photo Framing (IPF) is handed over to the framing professionals who have more than 20 years of understanding & knowledge in the field so that you can truly experience the service of a friendly framer.

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